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Music Visuals are created using Synesthesia, Blender and Davinci Resolve.

  • Visuals I create will react to your music in the most appropriate ways, creating audio visually

  • I will work with you on getting the Vibe you want, but I ask that you trust my work and not squeeze an outcome out of me, we're artists we should trust each other.

  • You can choose to have a title on the visual or not, just ask!

  • Please discuss with me your plans with the visual so we can agree on an adequate License, Typically are Royalty Free.

    Credit is Encouraged using my tag: @shroom_tunes on instagram or my website!

    For every visual I create, I reserve the right to post, share and perform.

     Duration of visuals is open to discussion, along with any specific details you may desire.
         My RIG Specs are: POWERFUL
         AMD 5900 12core 4.9Ghz
         3080 RTX 10Gb
         32Gb Ram



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