Visual Storyteller 

Just Ask Yourself

  1.   Are you a Music Producer? Rapper? Singer? Streaming Musician? Beat Maker? Music Label? DJ?

  2.   Are you looking for some hypnotic eye candy to really help Display your sound to your fans? Even emphasize the subtleties of your music by bringing a visual impact with your music?

  3.   Are you in need of Quick Unique Visuals you can use to Showcase/Market your music on Social Media or any Streaming Platform?

    If yes then... I'm your guy!

    I make music visualizers using my Synesthesia, Blender and After Effects.

  • Every track you send for me will get a completely new and unique visual

  • Visuals will react to your music in the most appropriate ways, creating audio visually

  • You may use these visuals for anything! Once I give you the file its yours to use forever. ROYALTY FREE

  • You can choose to have a your title on the visual or not, just ask!

    Credit is Encouraged using my tag: @shroom_tunes on instagram or my website

    Every visual I make for a client, I post on my Instagram and website along with tagging the artist.

     Duration of visuals is open to discussion, along with any specific details you may desire.
         My RIG Specs are: POWERFUL
         AMD 5900 12core 4.9Ghz
         3080 RTX 10Gb
         32Gb Ram



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